Melinda Campbell User Experience Design
user experience design
Recent projects
  • Meebo Logo

For the past year I worked with Meebo to design many key areas of their Check-ins and Interest Graph product. We explored concepts of how to display a person's reputation within their interests as well as other features.

  • Chegg Logo

I helped Chegg to spiff up various areas of the site and integrate new product features. I touched many areas of the site including search results, product description page, account areas, shopping cart, etc. My favorite part about working with Chegg was having the freedom to explore new concepts, designing with few boundaries, and then iterating/testing those concepts to arrive at something that can go live.

  • At Work Logo
At Work

'At Work' is a British company that manages online benefits and discounts for employees of many large companies such as Ikea, Coca Cola, Barclay's, Xerox, etc. Employees of these companies log in to the site to find special deals and offers, as well as manage their flexible benefits. My role was to redesign and rethink both the account for employees and the outward facing corporate site.

  • Courserank Logo

I worked on a quick project with CourseRank, a Chegg company, to come up with some home page concepts. I created three different directions. Concept #1 was used for a while, but they recently put something new up.

  • Notehall Logo

I worked with Notehall to come up with home page concepts as well as 2 of the main application pages for their product.